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I have 23 years as a Drywall Finisher,New construction and remodels, with remodels the goal is blending as best we can the new & old so they become as one. Handle all aspects of Drywall, Insurance, etc.

I am Certified Trained Applicator of 'Safra' Authentic Italian Plasters of Verona, Italy. I work with Atova, Modern Masters, and Behr Plasters and the education continues to help you on your projects. 12 years experience with decorative stucco's.
Over 50+ Styles of Interior, Exterior Plaster Decorative Finishes
of different manufactures.

I live and work in the Monroe, Utah. Region.

I offer my skills to the community and others around America.
I love the challenge of Artistic Drywall, and love the Italian Plasters & other Decorative Finishes when people choose to use them in their projects.

Contacts me @ or call 435-896-3680 to schedule a review of your project to see how I can best assist you.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pink Speechio Venetian Plaster

Speechio Atova Italian / Venetian Plaster
Floyd Waters / Richfield Utah / 08/2016

Cotton Candy Pink with Passion Pink
Speechio Atova
Venetian Plaster
Normal burnishing
Master Bathroom

Old drywall repaired, primed for the Venetian Plaster
Walls painted off white.
The option is match wall skip trowel and paint or make the recessed ceiling pop.

The short wall face same colors with subtle accented brown hints in it.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting Burnished

Shop light on floor

Light on floor mixed with natural lighting

Natural lighting Normal burnish

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Atova Veneziano Bi-Color. With marbling

Atova Veneziano  Bi-Color. With marbling accents through out the ceiling. by HIP&D.

D&J Hunt - Monroe Utah 10-2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Country Nook - Remodel Done!



After 5 + weeks of remodel of this 100+yr old cinder-block/plaster barbershop we have a reborn building called the Country Nook.
Walls repaired and reborn with Italian Decorative Stucco/Plaster and ceilings as well. Old barn and fence woods used for coverings and decoration. Trimmed out with Aspen logs from the near by Fish Lake Forest.
Country Nook is a craft consignment store filled mainly with locally made items. 
Like Country Nook on facebook to learn more. The last pictures are of the store on opening day.

This was what I call a fluid job site, many things went wrong during the remodel, so things changed to flow with the chaos of saws breaking etc. The wood is mostly old and re used, the Aspen was old dead trees off the local mountain. We where going to flush the wood to the walls / corners like normal crown etc. but when the saws broke down and no other way to get the job done prior to opening we flowed it into a more natural wild look with the logs. Using other methods as well it turned out great. All time and labor donated by those who worked on this project mainly by Emma's Dad (me) and Husband.
 All plasters Behr VP, Modern Masters VP, Atova Veneziano provided by Huls Italian Plasters & Drywall HIP&D.
Ceiling was covered with 2 layers of new drywall to hide structure cracks and for visual effects for the Plasters.
Walls are all Decorative Stuccos (Italian Plasters) Mostly veneziano by different product makers, then the fire place and red earth brown wall are Travertino by Atova one roughed up one smooth.

  • Address
    153 South Main St, Monroe, Utah 84754
  • Hours
    4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • A Local Craft & Consignment Store.
    Opening July 24!
    Next Quilt winner will be at 500 likes! We will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.4-9pm

  • Country Nook will be located on Monroe Main Street across the street from the LDS ward building/ the Stake center. We are a small consignment craft store. 
    We will sell all matter of items that are homemade. 
    At the moment selling used items to raise money for store. We plan to open around July 24th. If you want to put anything on this page and/or in the store contact Emma Joy Willden on facebook. Or message this page.

    Any donations are appreciated and can be donated by paypal or in person. paypal pay to

  • Phone
    (435) 201-1450
  • Email
  • Website
    We are new to this and being located in Monroe makes it difficult to get business. So we want to know what will bring you in. We also would love to hear what those who have been to our store think of us. As a craft & consignment store we want to see if we can create what your searching for. I as the owner can do several crafts and my husband and family also. As well as we have incredibly talented vendors. So let us know what would bring you to our store. Please message me or comment on our page or posts. WE WANT TO KNOW!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

H.I.P.&D. Plaster works 2015 Country Nook Store

Plaster works 2015

Country Nook, 
153 South Main Street Monroe Utah. 
Opens July 24 2015 Grand Opening.
Like us on Face Book.
We are a small local craft consignment store. 

The ceiling part of the remodel is done with 3 sections of of 3 styles of Decorative Plasters.
Behr VP from Home Depot,
Modern Masters from the New Cheyenne's Paint Store Richfield Utah 

Atova Venetian Plasters. 
The next phase is natural wood, grey wood to divide / trim the individual plasters, crown around walls etc. these photo's will be shared once that custom work is finished, as well as more work to be done on walls. Work in progress.

Below is a link to the Evolution of this old barbershop into a new store.

Behr Venetian 3 sections

3 Sections for Behr VP front ceiling of store.

Behr Bi Color Grey & Brown. Right side normal / Left side Waxed with Gold Mica Powder.

Behr normal burnish Brown single color

Behr Grey Single color normal burnish

Behr Close up of Wax and Gold Mica


Modern Masters Venetian Plasters 

Modern Masters Bi Color Normal Burnish
Modern Masters Single Color normal burnish
Modern Masters Brown with White Bi Color normal burnish

Atova International Veneziano Italian Plaster

Atova Blue single color normal burnish
Atova Light Blue with Gold Mica and Waxed

Atova Light Blue with Gold Mica and Waxed

Atova Veneziano Tri Color, Dark Blue with Light Blues base color then White on top Burnished and Waxed

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Behr Venetian Plaster Assisted Reitz Custom Drywall Inc.

Behr Venetian Plaster Polished (no wax) Assisted+ Reitz Custom Drywall Inc. Richfield Utah - Quarnburg - Annabelle Utah

Visiting Parlor Room 

Master Bedroom

White Fence Subdivision Monroe Utah 2015 
Behr by Reitz Custom Drywall Inc.

 Living room
 Master Bedroom
  2012 Richfield Utah Entry
Behr by Reitz Custom Drywall Inc.


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